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Why a
sales tax?

A sales tax gives residents the best value for their investment. Sales tax is a one-time tax on certain purchases in St. Cloud, collected from both residents and non-residents. Unlike a property tax-based plan, the one-half percent sales tax ensures that everyone who enjoys the City’s regional parks and recreation facilities share in the cost to upgrade them. The residents of St. Cloud and regional users historically have received and continue to receive benefits from a one-half percent sales and use tax to support many improvements, including the new community aquatic center, a new regional library, parks & trails, community facilities, airport, and regional road improvements.


This tax would expire at the end of 2030. A new one-half percent sales tax to support the Municipal Athletic Complex (MAC) redevelopment and renovation is being proposed to facilitate the necessary improvements to the MAC including building expansion improvements to the ice arena for locker rooms, training and mechanical, improvements to Joe Faber Field, Dick Putz Field, and minor improvements to support the Veterans Golf Course.  

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