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Upgrading this versatile athletics destination will serve Minnesotans for generations.



Public benefits


Currently, six local high school teams (hockey/baseball) call the MAC home, saving their districts the cost of owning and operating stadiums and arenas. A shared facility is clearly very beneficial to the taxpayers as most of those teams have used the MAC since it opened in 1971 – a half-century of cost-savings! 

Economic Impact


Baseball and hockey tournaments, ice shows, and skill camps all bring visitors to the state and metro area, driving the hospitality economy by way of the MAC. The City commissioned SCSU to conduct a visitor study; results indicated that sports visitors spend an average of $550 per day while in St. Cloud. 

Extended turf sport Seasons


Replacing field(s) with synthetic turf will allow for much greater usage – earlier spring start, later fall finish plus fewer rain-outs and delays. The fields will also be able to serve additional sports, giving the MAC greater ability to serve evolving sports trends and additional user groups.

accessibility and sustainability 


The City has made significant investments in the sustainability of the MAC – a geo-thermal field that reduced
arena natural gas consumption by a remarkable 94% and substantial conversion to LED lighting. There is more to be done, with adequate funding, including modernizing the arena refrigeration plant and other sustainable practices . The current (1971) Dick Putz Field presents significant challenges to mobility-impaired patrons as it is not fully accessible; the proposed improvement will correct this. 

Arena Expansion

The ice arena is simply too small for its regional use and programing. More locker room spaces are required, along with training areas for teams during the on and off seasons. Public gathering spaces are necessary and larger, safer youth drop off areas are a necessity. In addition to the ice arena and turf, the buildings will also receive renovation. All told, this would be an approximate 40,000 square foot expansion.

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